The extraordinary CHANEL designs and the highly skilled CHANEL artisans work towards creating the finest, most impeccable pieces. The imagination and technical prowess of those who collaborate to create a CHANEL piece is what brings us the luxury, beauty and extravagance that is CHANEL. As part of the CHANEL Autumn 2012 Couture Collection, a single coat took 3,000 hours to make, all done by hand. Each stitch, each needle, and each inch of thread were meticulously harmonized into an masterpiece of embroidery. It is no doubt that a replica is no match for genuine CHANEL.


Online replica stores offer 80% discounts on which are labeled as Chanel handbags or Chanel watches. Regardless of the (non-permitted) CC monogram appearing on the items, these products are not CHANEL at all. They have no affiliation with CHANEL. They are fakes manufactured by unlicensed factories often without standards and quality control. Most will enter the marketplace in haste burdened with defects and damage.

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