When you think of a fake anything, what do you think of? At Snazzy Handbags we immediately think of a nearly valueless yet overpriced replica handbag for sale online, which has absolutely no association with the original. For just a few dollars many replica and counterfeit traders manage to produce a fake Chanel bag by obtaining low quality materials, and hiring inexpensive labor, equipping factories with crude, basic tools. We also think of the crime and corruption associated with the unethical and illegal businesses that are supported each time a fake is purchased.

The crimes being committed by replica and counterfeit dealers rarely stop at the sale of a replica purse or a fake pair of Chanel sunglasses. It has been reported that the sale of replicas is often a means by which to pay for bigger and more serious crimes. The profits made could cover costs of other more dangerous crimes such as terrorism and human trafficking.


CHANEL will not tolerate the infringing and many other activities of replica and counterfeit traders on the internet. Whenever illicit conduct is discovered, measures are taken and legal procedures are launched wherever deemed necessary.


Consumers are encouraged to be conscientious in daily life to apply the information and knowledge about the detriments of counterfeit products. Staying away from replicas from discount outlet stores who sell replicas is the best choice. Purchasing a low quality replica is likely to lead to more fakes appearing on the marketplace, fakes which may cause harm in unexpected ways. If you are the least bit apprehensive about the authenticity of a product, refuse to purchase it, and seek the genuine goods. Education and learning is the key to help to thwart the activities of the networks of criminal organizations that participate in counterfeit production and sales.

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